Fox BR

Fox BR

Fox BR is a sleek, stylish and extremely safe all-rounder for coastal waters and lakes. The hull is of a brand new design, thanks to which the interior is significantly more spacious than in the previous Fox BR model. The two consoles together with a two-part middle door makes the passenger area in the stern well sheltered from wind and sea sprays. 


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The versatile all-rounder Silver Fox BR has been totally renewed for 2018. The all-new aluminum hull has been manufactured utilizing the unique Silver framework; the hull sides are formed by sealed, triangular box-like aluminum frames, which are densely filled with non-absorbent polyurethane foam. The hull’s specific reinforcing beams and transverse profiles, together with the hull side frames, make Fox BR resistant to twisting, more silent and extremely safe to use. Because of the polyurethane filling in the hull sides the boat is practically unsinkable. The high freeboard efficiently prevents sea sprays from entering the boat and at the same time makes it safe to move around in the boat.

Thanks to an all-new hull design, the interior of the Fox BR feels more spacious than its predecessor model, even though the external dimensions have remained basically the same. This more spacious interior has enabled us to fit the boat's bow with two large storage boxes/seats and also the stern bench has grown in size. In relation to its relatively compact size the boat still has plenty of space to move around. The bow has a useful walkway in the middle, which facilitates embarking.

The side storage compartments in the bow swallow huge amounts on packing and naturally they also function as extra seating. Fox BR has been equipped with a dual console solution, and in-between the consoles we have installed a fixed two-part door. This Bow Rider layout is one of the most popular on the market, largely because of the sheltering cockpit and the comfort provided for both driver, co-driver and passengers on the stern bench.

The driver and the co-driver travel in comfort, each in a fully-padded shell seat. The driver’s seat has a foldable front section, which facilitates a comfortable driving position also when standing up. The construction of the stern bench is smart, and fully new for the Silver Fox models. The wide stern bench is possible to open fully, including back rest and arm rests, revealing a vast storage space where even the stern canopy has its own designated storage compartment. More storage space can be found in the bow and in the steering consoles.

The boat’s standard accessory set includes e.g. a modern, user-friendly and practical 9-inch Raymarine Axiom chartplotter/echo sounder, which helps you navigate the seas. The Raymarine Axiom display also seamlessly communicates with your outboard engine, informing you of all the necessary motor data. The display has been installed onto the instrument panel so that it is in the driver’s field of vision, but without masking visibility forward.

Thanks to the unique AluFibre TM construction the new Silver Fox BR is a durable, stylish and above all an easy-maintainable and manageable aluminum boat that maintains its value longer than many other comparative boats. The sheltered bow rider layout makes Fox BR the perfect companion for boaters who want a versatile all-rounder for not only family outings and leisure rides, but out of which you can also fish. Fox BR is designed especially for calm coastal waters and lakes, where waves are modest.

Note. The equipment of the boat may differ from the equipment shown in the video. See standard equipment and accessories below.

Fox BR

Fox BR

4,95 m
1,95 m
540 kg
Number of passengers
40-60 hp
Estimated top speed with two persons
31 kn
Deadrise angle
Transom height
505 mm
Length, steering cable
14 ft
Length, remote control cable
10 ft
Unsinkable construction
EN-AW 5754/5083
Steering console
Fuel tank
Separate (2 x 25 l)
  • Raymarine Axiom 9" chartplotter 
  • Open rope box in the bow
  • New fully upholstered comfort seats for driver and co-driver, driver's seat with a foldable front section
  • Door between consoles, 2-part
  • Construction according to CE-standards and self-bailing open deck
  • Bow railings, SS
  • Navigations lights
  • Canopy storage
  • Bow eye security loop, grade 3
  • NFB steering
  • Place for two separate fuel tanks (á 25 l)
  • Storage compartments for small items
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Electric, automatic bilge pump
  • Trailer lugs in bow and stern
  • Swimming/boarding ladder, SS
  • Trolling Control (for Honda outboards BF40-BF150)
  • Power outlet 12 V 9/2019:

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