Silver Seahawk CCX

Silver Seahawk CCX

Silver Seahawk CCX is a robust and sizeable center console boat designed especially as an all-year-round commuter for vast waters. Due to the large open bow it is also easy to utilise for spin fishing, or for transportation of large goods. The hull is made without lifting strakes, which makes the rides smooth and well-balanced. Read more about the novelty below.

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Silver Seahawk CCX - a sizeable and robust pure aluminum novelty

An all-new center console equipped pure aluminum Silver was premiered at the Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show in August 2023. The novelty, named Silver Seahawk CCX, is a robust and multifunctional open boat, especially designed for vast seas as a large scale, all-year-round commuter. Silver Seahawk CCX is the fourth model of the Silver X aluminum boat series.

The slightly over 7-meter-long Silver Seahawk CCX is the largest pure aluminum Silver to date, and the second boat model in the current model range equipped with a center console. Due to the centrally placed steering console one can move around the boat with ease, at the same time as it makes boat handling easier especially during mooring and beaching manoeuvres. The center console also facilitates spin fishing from the boat and makes transportation of long goods, such as timber, possible. The wide steering console with a high windshield out of glass, gives plenty of shelter for both driver and co-driver, and there is plenty of space for several chartplotters or other boat electronics on the dashboard.

The vast open bow is naturally easy to utilise for transportation of large amounts of packing and necessities, but it is equally as usable for spin fishing purposes. In front of the steering console we have placed a large storage compartment, that doubles as seating space. A fixed middle bench with a foldable aluminum flap seat on either side make up the stern bench, and the stan- dardly fitted equipment/waterski bracket out of 30mm aluminum pipes act as backrest.

Noteworthy features of the Silver Seahawk CCX are its great drivability and seaworthiness, as well as its high freeboard that makes the boat feel safe for young and old boaters alike. The well-balanced aluminum hull is made without lifting strakes, making riding smooth and fun, and the sharp bow cuts waves nicely.

The Silver X range consists of our most durable boat models, where the entire hull, the interior, the flooring and all storage compart- ments are made out of strong marine aluminum. In the stern a flat casting deck can be formed by utilising the middle bench, the two flap seats and the large swimming platforms. The X range models are above all maritime all-year-round commuters that can handle vary- ing and demanding weather conditions. The robust Silver Seahawk CCX has been designed as a response to the Nordic export market’s increasing demand of durable, large commuters. Our aim is to expand the Silver X range by bringing also a sturdy BRX model as well as a long-awaited cabin version, both built on the hull of Silver Seahawk.

As all other Silver models with aluminum hull, also Silver Seahawk CCX is manufactured in the small town of Ähtäri, Finland.

Silver Seahawk CCX

Silver Seahawk CCX

7,05 m
2,40 m
approx. 1150 kg (without engine)
Number of passengers
Seat boxes
Steering console
30mm aluminum pipe
Marine aluminum
Fuel tank
220 l