Model range

The Silver fleet consists of 13 different aluminium boats. From this range of boats we are positive that you can find a boat that suits your own wants and needs.

All Silver boats have been constructed on durable, smoothly running aluminium hulls and the interiors have been designed with great care. Our new Silver BRX-models are out of aluminium inside and out: in addition to the hull, also the inner sides, flooring, seat boxes and swimming platforms are made out of durable aluminium. In our other models the interior is made using fiberglass, which is easy to keep clean, neat looking and because of the light color it is pleasant to walk on in the hot sun, even barefoot.

All Silver hulls have been designed to cut waves well and run smoothly and quietly across rough waters. The great driving properties and a fuel efficient running are valued Silver features, and the product development takes great care that these features are present also in all newly developed models. All Silver boats are still today fully designed and manufactured in Finland.


Silver side console boats are available with two different hulls. What these two models, which we at Silver call Avant, have in common is their wide side consoles that leave plenty of free space for you to safely move around the boat. The boats' open-plan bow area swallows vast loads and makes it easy to transport packing from one place to another.

Of the Silver Avant models, Fox Avant is driven from the stern bench, while its sister model Wolf Avant has a separate stern bench in addition to the wide driver's bench. Both models have a generous windshield, behind which driver and most of the passengers travel sheltered from wind and water splashes.

Bow Rider

Bow riders are a type of runabout boats powered by outboard engines. The Silver Bow Riders are characterized by a spacious bow and two steering consoles that are linked together by a middle door. Well-placed steps in the bow make it easy to board to boat, and the middle door both simplifies moving about the boat from bow to stern and improves the windbreak. Sheltered seating, a good load capacity, dry storage compartments and excellent driving characteristics are in different variations combined in these models.

Bow Riders are extremely versatile boats with good adaptability. They are good for e.g. sea transfers, leisure and fishing trips or even for water sports. Silver BR models are available in different size categories, and depending on the model they can be fitted with an outboard engine of between 50 and 200 horsepower.

Center Console

The Silver center console models have been designed to withstand active use and tough conditions. The flat deck surrounds the central steering console, so that one can easily walk all around the boat from bow to stern. This gives more space and offers better adaptability for various uses. Moving around the boat if quick and safe. To dock and step ashore, as well as loading and unloading goods is easier with CC models than with many other type of boats.
It is no wonder that professional fishing guides, fishing enthusiasts and active boat users have opted for a center console boat.

Day Cruiser

With leisure and recreational boaters in mind, Silver has created so called Day Cruiser models on two separate hulls. The Silver DC models are driven from the stern bench, and they combine sheltered seating and great load capacity with exceptional driving capabilities and good fuel economy. The DC models are especially suited for allround use at the summer house, for family fishing and short recreational trips.

The open-plan bow area in front of the steering consoles can fit a lot of packing, and the boats are extremely easy and effortless to load and unload. There's plenty of dry storage compartments, where you can store boating equipment and personal belongings. Many of the storage compartments are lockable, which means that you can even leave your belongings in the boat over a longer period of time. 

To improve the windbreak for the cockpit, a middle door is possible to install in-between the two steering consoles (additional accessory).

Silver BRX