Model range

Our model range consists of three different series; the X-range stands for pure aluminum boats, the Y-range for so called hybrid AluFibreTM models whose hulls are of aluminum and interiors of fiberglass and boat models in pure fiberglass. 

Aluminium boats

Our X-range includes the most sturdy models of the whole boat range. The X range boats are made out of pure marine aluminium from the outer hull to the interior. Only the steering consoles are partly out of fiberglass, purely for ergonomic reasons. The bow of the BRX models can be easily equipped with a raising platform, making them are true contender come spin fishing. In the aft the spacious swimming platforms together with the fixed middle bench and the two flapseats form a cohesive deck, facilitating spin fishing also from the stern. The X-range boats can be used all year round thanks to the durable construction and materials that are easy to take care of. For vaster waters and more demanding conditions we recommend taking a look at the large and extremely robust Silver Seahawk CCX, which has been especially developed for demanding marine conditions as a year-round model.

AluFibre™ boats

The Y-range consists of the AluFibreTM boat models. The AluFibreTM hulls are made out of durable marine aluminium and the interior out of fibreglass which is easy to uphold. Y-range boats are the original Silver boats that have been made in Finland since 1991. The boats are perfect for day trips, leisure rides or as an access boat. 

Fiberglass boats

The Silver glassfiberseries includes five boat models, all entirely of pure fibreglass. The boats in the series are mainly Day Cruiser models, but the smallest two models are Bow Rider with dual consoles. The hull is designed utilizing the unique Swedish Petestep® technology. Thanks to the Petestep® hull the interior remains very dry from seasprays at the same time as it makes the boat stable and consistent to drive. Read more about Petestep® technology here.