Quiet boats built by a quiet people.


Finnish Silver boats have been produced in Ähtäri in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland since the early 1990's. Ähtäri is a small town with a long tradition of boat building. 
Silver boats are a combination of modern Finnish engineering expertise, high-quality materials and uncompromising boat building know-how. Silver model range consists of three different series; the X-range stands for pure aluminum boats, the Y-range for so called hybrid AluFibreTM models whose hulls are of aluminum and interiors of fiberglass and the Z-range includes boat models in pure fiberglass. 

Silver is a truly unique boat brand in the world. Since the very beginning all Silver boats have been manufactured utilizing special triangular box-like structures in the hull sides. These triangular aluminum side structures are densely filled with polyurethane foam that does not absorb water. Due to this construction method all our boats are extremely safe, torsionally rigid and float even if filled with water. The side box structures also help make rides very quiet, as they suppress hull-borne structural noise.

Still to this day all Silver boats are manufactured in Finland by passionate boat builders. We are extremely proud of our Finnish heritage and aim to strengthen our position on both domestic and international markets with a broad palette of boats. 



Silver AluFibre™-boats, known as  Silver Y-series, are totally unique boats. The stiff hull, made out of marine aluminium combined with interior made from reinforced plastic, make the boat exceptionally sturdy, comfortable and safe. The structure makes the boats also distinctly quiet. The AluFibre™-boats are easy to uphold. The fiber-reinforced plastic interior is neat and the color does not fade in the sun. Apart from being easy to keep clean, reinforced plastic helps keep your possessions dry in the storage compartments even in rainy or stormy weather. The lifting strakes on the lower sides of the hull reduce fraction so that the boat tilts less than boats with even hull designs when moving under high speed. This also makes the Silver boats more fuel‑economical and helps with sheltering both the interior and the passengers better from wind and splashes. Silver boats are easy and fun to drive even in rough weather. 

The strong aluminium hull allows you to beach on a natural rocky shore or sandy beach without worrying about bumps and impacts. 


The pure aluminium Silver X-series boats are durable and easy to maintain. The boats can be used all year round. 

The models combine convenient traveling, aluminium deck which is long-lasting with minimum uphold and multiple possibilities. Hull, interior, deck, swimming platforms, seats and storage boxes are all made purely out of the tough marine aluminium. Boats can be easily transformed to your needs.

The bow can be easily equipped with a raising platform. Spacious swimming platforms and benches with the bow platform, make the boats perfect for fishing. 


Silver fiberglass series Z is designed by a Norwegian design agency  Eker Design AS. Hulls utilize unique Swedish Petestep®-technology. The Petestep hulls make the boats more quiet, more stable and the boats ride higher in the water than with a regular fiberglass hull. This reduces friction between the hull and water, which makes the boat more economical. 

Z-series has three day cruisers and a bow rider. The smallest day cruiser Tiger DCz has won Best of Boats and European Powerboat of the Year Awards.