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The legend is back – Silver Beaver is soon here

The Silver boats launches a new model in the Y series. Totally renewed Silver Beaver BR will be launched at the Helsinki boats show in February.

Silver boats has completely updated its beloved Beaver. The 4,8 meters long Bow Rider is the smallest Silver at the moment. The compact size, Beaver’s agility and wide range of standard equipment make the boat an excellent model for beginners as for more demanding boaters.

Silver Beaver has been part of the Silver range since the early 90’s. The first Beaver was manufactured between the years 1993–2002 as Beaver 425. The model was updated to Beaver 450, which was made the years 2003–2013. Altogether Beavers has sold thousands of units. The totally upgraded model Beaver BR has grown 30 more centimeters and a lot more in equipment.

Boat’s design represents Silver’s new line; frameless windscreen enables excellent visibility in every direction and the high screen gives good shield for the passengers in the stern. The use of space in the boat has been well thought, the spacious aft carries everything you need for the summer cabin. The consoles give good shelter from the wind. Inside the stern bench is space for two fuel tanks and in the bow there is good storage compartments for boating gear. As a standard the boat has for example door between the consoles, comfort seats and trolling control. The light weighted boat can be driven with a brakeless trailer. 

Silver boats have three different model series, X range made fully from aluminum, Y from aluminum and fiberglass, called Alufibre™ structure and Z which consists of fiberglass boats. The new Silver Beaver BR is made using the Alufibre structure. The durable hull of marine aluminium makes boating carefree and safe. The strong aluminium hull allows you to beach on a natural rocky shore or sandy beach without worrying about bumps and impacts. Reinforced beams and strengthening cross sections in the hull, gives the boat exceptional torsional stiffness. Box-like structured sides are filled with non-absorbing polyurethane foam. These side pontoons make the boat basically unsinkable. Boat’s deep V-bottom makes driving stable in all weather conditions and the sharp bow cuts easily through waves. 

All the Silver aluminum boats are proudly made and designed in Ähtäri, Finland by TerhiTec Oy, which is part of the Otto Brandt Group.

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