Best of Boats Awards 2018 - finalists revealed in Cannes

Best of Boats 2018 - Silver Fox BR/Avant

Silver Fox BR & Avant are in the Best of Boats Awards 2018 finale!

Best of Boats Awards is an international boating competition whose winners are to be revealed at the Berlin Boot & Fun boat show in late November. This year marks the 5th time the competition is organized, and well over 500 boats have been tested by the Best of Boats jury in order to pick the category finalists of which the final winners are chosen. The jury consists of 18 professional boating journalists from various European countries, who have tested more than half a thousand new motor boats all around the world during the past boating season.

Best of Boats Awards is divided into five different winning categories; Best for Beginners, Best for Fishing, Best for Travel, Best for Fun and Best for Family. For the 5th time in a row, we are happy to inform you that Silver is yet again in the BoB Awards finals! Our 2018 season's newcomers, the Silver Fox BR and Fox Avant, are both competing for 1st price in the category 'Best for Beginners', meaning that the jury has found the models extremely suited for novice boaters. Easy-manoeuvrability, agility, seaworthiness and overall safety are some key attributes of boats suited for new boat owners, and the Fox models seem to have managed to tick all the right boxes. The other finalists in the Best for Beginners category are AMT 190 R (FIN), Falcon BR 7 (FIN) and Zodiac Open 5.5 (FRA).

Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best result!

The winners are announced at the Boot & Fun boat show in Berlin, Germany, in late November.
For more information about the Boot & Fun boat show, click here. More about the Best for Boats Award on the BoB homepage.

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