Introducing the all-new Eagle BR 640

For many years we at Silver have with great interest followed the upcoming trends and the ever-changing needs of Northern European boaters. At the same time we have pondered in which manner Silver is able to best answer to these demanding wants and needs. The result is the all-new Eagle BR 640, which offers something for everyone, without having to compromise on either comfort or driving capabilities. We aimed to make the new Eagle BR sportier, while simultaneously sticking to what we know best – producing steady and quietly moving hulls and combining them with comfortable glass fiber interiors with a high finish. The Silver Eagle BR 640 travels very smoothly and steadily on the water, and cuts through waves very well.

Silver newEagleBR 011

The new Eagle BR has a great adaptability, which makes it optimal for different kinds of users. The boat can be adapted to the end user’s specific needs already in the ordering stage; the boat can for example be chosen with two different types of seats, the stern bench either as a full-width sofa or a narrower bench, which leaves the aft corners free for e.g. spin fishing. In case fishing is a passion the bow storage compartments can also be left out, which leaves the bow free for angling.
The boat has been standardly equipped with a smart stern bench, which can easily be folded out into a large sunbed. The stern bench’s seating cushion also folds out to cover the whole sunbed, which makes separate constructions and paddings unnecessary. By removing the seat cushion altogether, the structure also functions as a deck for spin fishing.

Concerning the standard equipment, the all-new Eagle BR has been quite comprehensive equipped. Hydraulic steering, Trolling Control (if bought fitted with a Honda outboard), the stern cushions and the whole sunbed construction are examples of the standard equipment. Eagle BR also has smartly designed navigation lights in the bow, which are kept neatly tucked away under the topmost step in the very front – this way the lights are seen, but cannot easily be stepped on and destroyed. 

The novelty is smartly done, but without compromising on the quality in any way. We at Silver are proud of our Finnish heritage and our uncompromising knowhow in boat building, thus all Silver boats are built to high standard and the choice of materials are accordingly. All materials and manpower are Finnish, which sets us apart from many competitors.

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