Silver Boats get a new partner in Norway

Oy Brandt Ab and TerhiTec Oy and Erling-Sande A/S have together signed a distribution agreement for Silverboats™ in Norway.

Silver boats have been on the Norwegian market for many years and we are happy to now continue the growth with a big new partner. 

Brandt, the company handling sales and marketing of Silver, has already for many years cooperated with Suzuki in both marketing and Suzuki pre-rigging on e.g. the Swedish market, and now we aim to deepen this cooperation in Norway, together with Erling Sande.
We are happy to inform you that Silver boats are now imported and delivered with Suzuki outboards!

TerhiTec Oy is the Finnish manufacturer of Silver Aluminium, Silver AluFibre™, Silver fiberglass boats and Terhi boats. TerhiTec factories are part of the Otto Brandt Group, and both the Silver- and Terhi -boats are sold and marketed by Oy Brandt Ab.

Silver boats are hand built in Finland. The first Silver boats saw the light of day in the early 1990s. Silver was the first boat producer to combine fiberglass inner liners with an unsinkable aluminium hull. Since then the model range has grown and developed at a fast pace, and today the range consists of 3 different model series: X & Y & Z. The X-range stands for pure aluminium boats, the Y-range for so called hybrid AluFibre models whose hull are of aluminium and interiors of fiberglass and the Z-range includes the boat models made of pure fiberglass.

Erling-Sande A/S was established in 1932 and has since then been selling motorised joy to the Norwegian people.  Erling-Sande A/S is the oldest importer of Suzuki outboards in Europe, and one of the strongest actors in the Norwegian marine market. 

Suzuki as an engine brand has a reputation for advanced engineering design and excellent product build. They are technologically very developed and have big advantages over other brands. For instance Suzukis Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology, the Dual prop system, and the Suzuki Clean Ocean Micro Plastic collector filter as examples.

Erling-Sande A/S will import and distribute the Silver boats in Norway.

The co-operation between Suzuki in Norway and Silver boats enables the Silver boats to be delivered as a complete ‘Boat Package’, including both the boat and the engine ready mounted, delivered directly to the dealer’s doorstep.
Norwegian boat knowhow and design is also present in our fiberglass boats; RAPTOR, VIPER and TIGER by the famous Eker Design AS.

Erling-Sande A/S will import and distribute the Silver boats both to their existing Suzuki dealer net, but also open the doors for a cooperation with all existing old Silver boat -dealers in Norway. 

Contact person for Silver boats in Norway will be Sales Director mr Stein Harald Jörgensen; Erling-Sande A/S.

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