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SILVER TIGER – New animalistic power to the Day Cruiser segment

Earlier in the summer of 2018 Silver unveiled its first ever pure fiberglass Day Cruiser, the Silver Raptor. This fall Raptor will be accompanied by its little brother Silver Tiger DC. Tiger is the smallest model of the Silver Z range and the second Silver made purely in fiberglass. Design-wise Tiger strongly resembles its big brother and the hull is made in the exactly same way, utilizing the unique Swedish Petestep®-technology. The world premiere of the new Silver Tiger is at the Helsinki Boat-afloat show 16.–19.8.2018 at the Honda E-pier.

Little brother Tiger is approximately two meters shorter than Raptor, which was launched earlier this summer. That does not, however, mean that it lacks fierceness and animalistic aptitude - with a 150 hp outboard engine the Tiger reaches a top speed of around 40 kts, and the drivability is just as high-class as that of the Raptor. As all Silver Z models, also Tiger DC’s hull has been built using the unique Petestep® technology. Thanks to the Petestep® hull technology the boats run smoothly and quietly, extremely dry from seasprays. It makes boating both thrilling and enjoyable, at the same time as driving is safe and the boats move well-balanced on the water.

In terms of style Tiger DC is like a smaller version of the Raptor; you’ll experience the same driving thrill, but on a slightly tighter budget. The bold and shapely design is balanced off by adding textiles in calm, timeless colors, details in black and a cool brown composite deck in the open areas, bow deck and on the swimming platforms. As in the Raptor DC, also the rest of the Silver Z models have been standardly fitted with boxes for anchor and/or mooring lines in the bow and stern, as well as with decked storage compartments for fenders in the aft corners. Via the door in the windshield you gain access to Tiger’s bow deck, onto which we have integrated a smart folding ladder for easier boarding as well as a bow bumper. As additional accessory a luminous spotlight can be installed in the very front, which helps you navigate the waters as the evenings grow darker in the fall. Inside the front cabin two adults sleep comfortably, and there’s also plenty of storage space and a designated space for a porta-potty.

The sleek windshield design, which extends far out along the sides, helps keep draught and wind away from the cockpit, and the driver has great visibility in all driving conditions. The driver’s space has been designed especially with ergonomics and style in mind; the driving position is comfortable both sitting and standing, and all controls and navigation equipment are close at hand.

The driver sits in a rotatable off-shore seat and the co-driver in a swingback bench seat, thus socialising with the passengers in the back is convenient for both. Tiger is designed for a capacity of 6 adults, all of which have plenty of legroom and seating space in the U-shaped stern bench. Underneath the stern bench there are lockable storage units. The stern deck can be fitted with a table, which also doubles as the surface for the large sunbed, which can be formed in the stern. A pantry situated in the co-driver’s console adds to the comfort. The pantry has the sink included as standard, and can be additionally equipped with a faucet and detachable gas stove (additional accessories). As add-on one can also choose a drawer fridge, which replaces the storage compartment underneath the co-driver’s seat.

Silver Tiger is a hot newcomer in the Day Cruiser segment that is suited for both recreational day cruising, short overnight trips or even for transportation/access boat use. Thanks to the restrained and stylish color scheme the Tiger DC is a timeless Day Cruiser that suits a wide array of boaters, but the bold design will most definitely turn heads as it enters the harbor.


Jonas Danielsson, CEO of Swedish Petestep Ab, will join us at the Honda stand (103/E-pier) on Thursday August 16th during the Helsinki boat-afloat show in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. We welcome you to come and learn more about the Petestep® technology hands-on!

The new Silver fiberglass boat models are designed by Eker Design AS, a Norwegian design agency with extensive knowledge and experience in boat designing. The hulls utilize the unique Petestep® technology, which has originally been developed for racing boats by Swedish Petestep Ab. The hulls’ Petestep® technology makes the boats extremely consistent, quiet-running and fun to drive. After acquiring the four-boat fiberglass range from Konekesko Oy, Oy Brandt Ab’s design team took it to heart to transform the boats into desirable, timeless and stylish leisure boats, suited for boaters all across Europe.

Silver boats have been built by passionate and knowledgeable boat builders at the TerhiTec factory in the Finnish town of Ähtäri since 1991. In the beginning Silver only made hybrid AluFibreTM boats (Y-series), but in 2017 we launched our X-series in pure aluminum. Now, with the addition of the pure fiberglass Z-series, we can truly state that Silver has real alternatives for all boaters. The two remaining pure fiberglass Silver Z models are set to be launched within the next year.


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