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Quiet boats built by a quiet people.

Finnish Silver boats have been produced in Ähtäri in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland, already for a couple of decades. Ähtäri is a small town with a long tradition of building aluminium boats.
Silver boats are a combination of modern Finnish engineering expertise, high-quality materials and uncompromising boat building know-how. All Silver boats are made with the unique AluFibre™ structure, which combines of the best properties of durable marine aluminium and easy‑to‑use reinforced plastic. The structure makes Silver boats more silent than many other aluminium boat and well-suited for all.

Silver boats have a unique AluFibre™ structure.

The AluFibre™ structure combines the best properties of marine aluminium and reinforced plastic. A durable hull of marine aluminium makes boating carefree and safe. The strong aluminium hull allows you to beach on a natural rocky shore or sandy beach without worrying about bumps and impacts. 

The Silver boat's well‑finished interior, made out of reinforced plastic, does not fade in colour and remains pleasant to walk on even in the blazing hot sun. Apart from being easy to clean and keep clean, reinforced plastic helps keep your possessions dry in the storage compartments even in rainy or stormy weather.

The AluFibre™ structure also allows for a modern design that gives Silver boats the best driving characteristics in their class. The lifting strakes on the lower sides of the hull reduce fraction so that the boat tilts less than boats with even hull designs when moving under high speed. This also makes the Silver boats more fuel‑economical and helps with sheltering both the interior and the passengers better from wind and splashes. Silver boats are easy and fun to drive even in rough weather. 

The unique box structures of the hull sides are densely spray-filled with non-absorbing polyurethane foam. This enhances safety, making the boat extremely quiet and floatable even if it is filled with water. Moreover, the boats are made especially quiet by isolating and cutting off structure-borne resonance noise from the frame and hull by using rubber dampers and friction locks. The boat’s aluminium hull and the interior of reinforced plastic are isolated from each other using cellular rubber. The interior, made of reinforced plastic, is seamless so as to both prevent structural noises from traveling through the boat and make passengers comfortable on-board.


  • more silent and stable to steer and manoeuvre
  • extremely safe and durable
  • easy to maintain and keep clean
  • fuel‑economical

By choosing a Silver boat, you know that you have acquired a long-lasting Finnish quality product that will maintain its value. At the same time, you can be sure that boating is quieter and more effortless and carefree. 

Silver boats and Finnish quality

The Mark of Origins Committee of the Association for Finnish Work has granted Silver boats the right to use the “Avainlippu” insignia. This insignia is awarded for a high degree of fine Finnish craftsmanship and labour. In a world full of boats, Silver boats are unique. As a combination of the best properties of durable marine aluminium and reinforced plastic, the boats are a Finnish design product to be proud of.


  • An endurable hull – all the seams of the aluminium hull are welded by hand.
  • Excellent driving characteristics – the welded lifting strakes reduce fraction so that the boat tilts less than boats with even hull designs and remains drier and more fuel‑economical.
  • Easy to maintain – the nearly seamless interior of reinforced plastics is easy to clean and keep clean. It does not fade in the sun and remains pleasant to walk on even in the hot sun. 
  • Splash‑proof lockable storage spaces – your gear and personal belongings will remain dry even in bad weather.
  • Floats even when full of water – the unique side box structures of aluminium are filled with non-absorbent polyurethane foam and serve as pontoons.
  • An environmentally friendly choice – aluminium is 100% recyclable.
Silver AluFibre rakenne hull


Silver AluFibre rakenne deck


All this is brought to you in the whole model collection by Silver AluFibreTM - the durable choice.